Contact: Janet Friedrich


Phone: (812-299-3336)

Temple Preschool was developed as a service to the community of Terre Haute. The school operates as a non-profit organization sponsored by the United Methodist Temple.


The governing body is the Advisory Board. This board establishes the policies, governs the activities, and is responsible for the operation of the Preschool. Our focus is on the total child. Our program is planned to promote growth in all five areas of development: physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual. In an atmosphere of love, creativity, and encouragement, each child can explore music, movement, creative art materials, manipulative, books and nature. We also are very serious about safety at TPS. Areas of instruction include fire prevention, tornado talks and drills, and “strangers.” As each child grows and acquires new skills, he/she experiences success and develops self-confidence. This will lead to an increase in self-esteem and good self-image, so important to later learning experiences.


Statement of Philosophy

We at Temple Preschool believe in the individuality of each child. We acknowledge that every child comes to us with a unique set of abilities and experiences. We hope to build on this knowledge by providing an environment that promotes active learning through daily hands-on experiences including: creative art, music, field trips, language and others. Children will be provided with a safe, clean and organized environment where emotional, physical and social development is enhanced. At Temple Preschool, children will be cared for in a warm and loving atmosphere in order to build cooperation, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our program accepts the challenge of providing: encouragement, enrichment, and opportunities to enable each child to grow to his or her fullest potential.



In accordance with Vigo County School Corporation, a child must be age appropriate for preschool before August 1. Mom’s Day Out children may attend after they attain their second birthday and may continue until they begin Kindergarten.