The Veteran’s Ministry Detachment of UMT is beginning an exciting new chapter with the possession of the Community OutPost Lazarus; formerly the Youngstown United Methodist Church. Since the church closed, the detachment has thoroughly cleaned the historic Sanctuary and organized the materials left behind.
youngstown-churchIf you  know of anywhere to resource the following items, the Detachment is looking for a pair of wood or parlor chairs, a pack-and-play style child pen for the children’s room, and a drafting style desk for the study. The Outpost will have a full stock room and pantry for donation canned goods, hygiene items, towels, etc. for the homeless outreach, but those items can continue to be brought into the main United Methodist Temple church and we will move them as we inventory them. Most importantly, we need a large outdoor sign that can read “COP Lazarus Veteran’s Community Outpost- An outreach ministry of United Methodist Temple.” The sign doesn’t have to be fancy, but if someone has good wood router skills or another idea please contact Elias Donker.
Our goal is to have a grand opening and consecration day for the Outpost in the first weekend of November. This will be a ceremony complete with praise music, guest speakers, and a group prayer, then open the building for a self- guided tour of the capacities and ministry programs. Please plan on attending and bring your friends; we want this to be a community as well as a veteran’s ministry event. The local media is planning to cover the event and it is an excellent opportunity to make a good showing to the Wabash Valley of what our church is doing in loyal service to Jesus Christ to reach out to a community in need.
The veteran’s detachment will also continue to guide hunts and give away meat to the hungry. Deer hunting season is about to begin and if you know of a veteran who would benefit please refer them. Families who would benefit from ground or whole cuts of meat can be referred to the church for frozen, prepared packages. Weekly peer support meetings will continue to be held on Wednesday evenings after 8pm at the Outpost fire pit, which is a change in location from the Temple fire pit!  All are welcome!                                      Elias Donker