Rev. Rebecca L. Smith

Rebecca was raised in sunny Southern California, attended public schools and a private, non-denominational church school.  She was confirmed a Lutheran and values her exposure to catechism and the concept of grace as a middle schooler.  She served alongside her first husband in ministry for many years the American Baptist Church (Kentucky, North Carolina, Baltimore, Illinois, Indiana) in music and education before attending seminary and receiving her own call to pastoral ministries in the 90s.

Rebecca has served The United Methodist Church as a local pastor of rural and semi-rural churches from 2002 until 2013 when she began the process of getting her ordination credentials recognized.  In 2013, she was appointed to serve in Northwest Indiana at Hobart First United Methodist Church as Senior Pastor.  At Annual Conference 2016, she her ordination was recognized and she is now an Elder in The United Methodist Church.  In July 2018, she began serving as our Senior Pastor.

Years of bi-vocational ministry (serving part-time and working part/full-time) has provided Rebecca with a wealth of experiences.  As a previous independent consultant in leadership, program development, and fundraising, she has served a variety of faith-based and community organizations, schools, local businesses and governmental agencies to create creative and innovation solutions and collaborative partnerships.  With a background in various Christian denominations, Rebecca is passionate for ecumenical ministry, bringing the Body of Christ together in transforming our communities and world today.  She loves to laugh and resonates a contagious joy.

Rebecca and Dan (Luebcke) married in 2005.  Between the two of them, they have six children and five grandchildren.  They are scattered throughout the United States.  Both Rebecca and Dan love the Lord, people, and serving God’s church. After a long career in the food research and development field as a Food Scientist, Dan took earlier retirement in 2013 when they moved to Hobart.  He enjoys serving wherever needed.