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What:  “Special” Charge Conference Announcement

When:  August 28, 2016 9:50a.m.

Where: United Methodist Temple sanctuary

Who: Any member of the United Methodist Temple

Most of you that have been a part of the United Methodist Church for a while are familiar with the term “charge conference”.  Part of who we are, as Methodists, is the church wide meeting known as the Charge Conference.   It is mandated by the Book of Discipline.   Our normal annual Charge Conference will be on Sunday, October 30th at 6:00p.m.   It will be held as a West District Charge Conference with several other churches participating with us here at Temple.

This note is to explain the need for a “special” charge conference that will be held on August 28th at UM Temple at 9:50 a.m.   This way those that have already been in worship during 1st service and those that are heading off to Sunday school or Life Groups will be available.   We highly encourage our 11:00 a.m. 2nd service people to come to the Charge Conference and then hit the Sunday school class of your choice before attending the 2nd service.   Why do we need a special Charge Conference?   Because we have 2 items of business that the church needs to vote on and the vote needs to occur before we hold our normal annual Charge Conference.  I suspect the meeting will take 10-20 minutes depending on questions… so if you have questions please give me a call and allow me to attempt to answer them on the front side instead of that Sunday morning.  (So that folks can get to their Sunday school classes)


  1. We move the adoption of by- law changes brought to the United Methodist Temple Charge Conference by the Administrative Board of United Methodist Temple that would change the by- laws and move United Methodist Temple to a “Single Board strategy”, to be known as the Church Leadership Council, at United Methodist Temple.

Explanation:   This concept, instigated by Pastor Kevin, was brought about via a seminar that Indiana United Methodist Conference employee, Ann Handshu, presented to our UMT leadership on July 20th.   During this special exploratory meeting  the U.M. Temple Administrative  board and other involved church members that evening determined that there was no potential for disenfranchisement for any persons in the church, so they concluded to recommend the adoption of this structure.

The idea is that by combining our administrative duties & empowerment, the church should be able to capitalize on allowing more people to participate in the various other “ministries” of the church and less people will be involved in “administering” the business aspects of the church.   Our desire is to minimize the amount of time and the number of people currently caught up in administering UM Temple business while maximizing the time and number of people that are available to do the various ministries of the church.  Ministry helps us move toward our Mission of “making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”.  Administrative duties seldom help us actually “make disciples of Christ”.   We must change so that we begin to bring more people into a relationship with our Savior.   Our track record of “making disciples” has been pretty dismal the last few years…

  1. We move the adoption of a motion to purchase property from the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church; the adoption of this motion would allow United Methodist Temple to purchase the property and assets of the property formerly known as the Youngstown United Methodist Church for the sum of $1.00 from the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church.

The Administrative Board of United Methodist Temple has previously moved and adopted that the Veterans ministry would be a sanctioned ministry operating within the ministries of the United Methodist Temple and that we would support this ministry reaching out to Veterans in Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley.      We will be purchasing the property from the Indiana Conference of the UMC and the West District.   The property, formerly known as the Youngstown UMC, will be purchased for the sum of $1.00 (D.S. John Groves has stated he will give us the dollar to buy it with!)   We already have received approximately $10,000 to offset utility expenses for the first 1-2 years from Youngstown UMC and the West District of the Indiana Conference of the UMC.

Elias Donker, who leads the effort, states, “The property will be used for the establishment of a needed veterans “Community Outpost” center which can serve as a nexus of interaction for veterans to form positive networks with peers, the body of Christ, existing state and federal programs. This will demonstrate to the Wabash Valley another way that the church is building community in the name of loving their neighbors, by providing a safe and secure location to headquarter positive efforts. There are
vocational rehabilitation efforts which will offset some operating costs and grant funding available to be pursued. The existing funding gives the Community Outpost time to secure those grants for future operations.”



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