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Manger Journey

Manger Journey is a four-week class that begins Sunday evening, November 25th.  The class will meet Sunday evenings at 6pm.

We will learn about the special colors and meaning of the season as we prepare for Christmas.  Each family will make a special wreath.

Family activities, crafts, and more

The cost is $10 per family with scholarships available upon request.

November 25th @ 6pm

December 2nd @ 6pm

December 9th @ 6pm

*December 16th @ 5:30pm *(5:00pm if you are playing the angel chimes)

All Are Welcome

Christmas Word Scramble Answer Key

Manger Journey Answer Key


Bethlehem Marketplace and Live Nativity

December 16th 5:30pm-7:00pm

Our annual Bethlehem Marketplace and Live Nativity will take place on Sunday, December 16th from 5:30-7:00 pm. 

Come and join us as we venture back to Bethlehem on the night that Jesus was born!  The Romans were demanding a census, so you will have to register at the census office before entering the city.  Once inside, you can visit local businesses such as Cain’s Candy Canes, Wanda’s Weavings, Solomon’s Stained Glass, Peter’s Pottery, Susanna’s Sewing, a Sign shop, and Jezebel’s Café.  Watch out for the Roman soldier chasing the beggar who is caught stealing from one of the stores!  Visit the Inn of Bethlehem and find out if the Innkeeper and his wife have a vacancy or if they send you to the stable “out back”.  You might just get to see the wonder of the season happening right before your eyes among the animals, shepherds, kings and angels!

All Are Welcome



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