New to United Methodist Temple?

New to United Methodist Temple?  We want to welcome you and have a chance to get to know you as we worship together!  Here are some things you might be wondering about before you visit us the first time:

  • What should I wear?
    • Come as you are! You will see people dressed up and in suits seated along with people in jeans or slacks and sandals.  The important thing is that you are there to worship!
  • Where do I park?
    • There is parking on three sides of the church.  The parking lots nearest to the Sanctuary are in front (east) of the church and in back (west) of the church.  There are signs on those two entrances indicating  the Sanctuary is inside.
  • Is Child Care available?
    • Yes.  There is a  Nursery for both services and Sunday School, staffed by qualified staff and volunteers.  Police background checks are required of all of our staff and volunteers who work with children.  Also the nursery has a pager system so you can worship peacefully, knowing that you will be paged if your child needs your attention.
  • Should I take Holy Communion if it is offered?
    • The United Methodist Communion table is open to all who choose to participate.
  • What do I do if I would like to join the church?
    • Speak to the Pastor or fill out one of the information cards located in the Sanctuary.  At various times during the year, the Pastor will have a Membership Preparation Class for those who would like to become members of the church.