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Hello Parents, Helpers, Grandparents and other interested parties!  Welcome to the new KidZown Newsletter!

The kids seem to be enjoying it so far.  The first week we had 14 (!) kids and last Sunday, there were 8.  I am loving that!!  If we had all of our kids show up at the same time, we would have almost 20 kids!  How awesome is that!?!  I am planning to have all kids (up through 5th grade) welcome in our “Sanctuary” – even the little ones.  They can come in to sing, etc., then I will take them to the nursery as the older kids go to their craft time.

We will be doing a lot of singing and dancing and having fun.  Each week, I will choose a new “prayer person”.  This person gets to light the altar candles, take the offering, lead the prayers (as they want to), lead the group to craft time, and help in any other way they can.  I hope this helps to encourage the kids to want to participate in the “service”, and helps them to become more at ease with praying out loud (as so many of their parents will not do!!! – you know who you are! J).  EVERYONE will get to do this on an ongoing basis.  As far as the praying goes, I let the child start the prayer and say what they want to, then I pick it up and finish it, as needed.  You would be surprised at how insightful and sensitive your children are!

We will be taking an offering each Sunday.  We have talked about tithing and about bringing your offerings to God.  I would like to help you to help me to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude”;  getting across the idea that all things come from God and we should thank Him through our attitude and our offerings.  I will try to include ideas of things to do at home to enhance our teachings at church.  If you have any questions or even any ideas of your own to share, please let me know.

I plan on doing a LOT of scripture memorization.  We are in the middle of learning the 10 commandments right now.  Please help your kids to learn this (you might just learn it right along with them!).  I will send home the current scripture that we are working on in hard copy form and include it in the newsletter so that you will know what we are doing and can keep them focused on it at home.  When they have learned it, they can let me know.  They will be given an opportunity to recite it to me.  If they succeed, they will get a prize!!  I have a three-drawer box that I present to them for their choice of drawer.  Inside each drawer might be a bookmark, a piece of candy, a coupon for ice cream, or whatever.  They will also get their name on the Memorization Chart.  At the end of memorizing ten things, they will get a BIG prize (to be determined – I haven’t got that figured out yet!).

(NOTE:  This is really for the kids who are 3rd grade and up.  If your younger ones can do it – great!  If not, they will get a chance in coming years.)

I don’t actually intend for each week to have a craft, but I’m a sucker for a fun craft and the internet is just soooo accommodating!  I will try not to clutter up your house too much!  Please be aware that we may be using paint, glue, markers, etc. so they should probably dress with that in mind.

Well, we are off to a good start in our efforts!  Please don’t hesitate to let me know of any questions, concerns, ideas, wishes that you have.  As I said, if everyone comes at the same time, we would have around 20 kids.  We are going to have to divide the kids into age 5-2nd grade and 3rd grade-up very soon.  I NEED HELP TO DO THIS!!  Please let me know if you would be willing to help out by teaching the younger kids; either consistently or once a month or something.  At the current time, I could really use another assistant – more hands to help.  Pray about this!

Thanks for letting me worship and play with your kids!  God has blessed this church with your children and I hope they have as much fun as I do when we are together!

In His Love,

Miss Jill


CURRENT MEMORIZATION: The Ten Commandments – Exodus 20:1-17

Passed:  Emma L.


CURRENT MEMORIZATION:  Psalm 23:1-3a                           The Lord is my shepherd.  I shall not want. 

He makes me to lie down in green pastures;

He leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul.


THEME FOR APRIL  – Missions – What can we do to help?  The kids are making money jars to help with missions.  They are to take them home and fill them with coins themselves (as they can) and return them to the church when filled.  This will be an ongoing project – soon we will choose a mission project of our own to support.  Ideas?


ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE IDEA:  Prayer time – emphasize what you are thankful for, not just praying for the sick and needy.  The kids seem to have a hard time figuring out what I mean when I ask what they are thankful for.  Think outside the box.

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