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Pastor’s Pen: March: Get your game ready for spring!!!

I remember when I first got serious about getting into golf.   I was doing the corporate thing and would need to golf with customers, but I wasn’t really very good at golf.   I would go golfing with a group of guys and just get beat like an old drum.   It happened over and over.  Finally I decided it must be my old clubs.   I just didn’t have the right technology to be good.

I went out and bought a new set of ping irons (big bucks)   and a set of Calloway fairway woods & drivers. (Bigger bucks!!!)   I was sure I would be the envy of the folks I golfed with… and I was!   They all wanted the new equipment I had… it was top of the line, but I still wasn’t beating their scores.   They were consistently beating me.   That just didn’t seem right to me after all I had invested.  I was shooting with better equipment but I was getting beat.    I usually told them it was my job to lose to customers!   (Trust me, I didn’t have to work very hard to let them beat me!)   See, they had invested in something that I had not heavily invested in… playing time.    I had not put in the hours on the course that they had invested.  Their technique trumped my equipment time and time again.   My equipment was usually better than theirs but the object of golf is to have the lowest score, not to have the best equipment.

How does this relate to us at church?   Sometimes we begin to think we need a better facility, a better program to teach with, a better Bible or commentary.   (Sometimes we do have needs for those items to aid us in ministry)   And we can invest that way if we want to but I’m not sure it will get us what we want.   The best way we can invest, as Christians, is in our time & sweat equity.   As Christians we don’t have to have the newest or best Bible.  We need to read and study the ones we have—put in the time!   As Christians we don’t have to have the biggest, fanciest church facility.  Invest the time and sweat equity into meeting people where they are, building relationships with others.  Make a friend, be a friend, and bring a friend to Christ!!!   That’s the best formula for success that I know as a Christian for improving our community relations, and for bringing more people into our church services,  and into the Kingdom of God.   We need to become closer to Christ and as we do that we will naturally begin to develop better skills of building relationships and have a more passionate faith story to share.

Instead of investing in “things” to help you be a better Christian, invest some time.  Sit down and write out your faith story—every Christian has one.   It’s yours.    You own it.   There is no right or wrong. It’s your faith story.   Think about it, write it down,  invest some time and passion into forming your story of what God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit mean to you.   Maybe you need to invest 3 days at a Walk to Emmaus function.  Maybe you just need to hang out with Christian friends more regularly.   Bottom line is we don’t need more and better equipment… we need to practice living out our faith with more and more people.  When you do, you will begin to see other people be blessed by our God like you have been blessed.   When one of your new friends accepts Christ as their Savior… well, it feels like you just hit a hole in one!!!

Philippians 4:9 (ESV) What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.

What is keeping you from living out your faith story with others around you?


Lord, hear our prayers & help us live out our faith.


Pastor Kevin & Marlene


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